anatomy of an outfit

  • by harry nicholls

Anatomy of an Outfit

MONO+n.a.v.y presents our Anatomy of an Outfit where we look at the different key features of an outfit.

With friend and model Lewis available to show us the staples of any good outfit, here he is wearing some of our favoruite pieces from the MONO+n.a.v.y life wear range.

The Upcycled Crossbody bag is one of our favourite pieces; a gender neutral crossbody bag made from recycled British shopping bags. The iconic shopping bag look is something heavily incorporated to mark our east London style.

No.003 - Upcycled Crossbody Bag

MONO+n.a.v.y Upcycled crossbody bag is made from laundry bag fabric. It features a detachable handle and a leather trimmed cotton weaving tape shoulder strap. Theres a card pocket on the back, also with an imprinting of the product serial number on front.

No.022 - Water Repellent Mac Coat

MONO+n.a.v.y’s Water Repellent Mac Coat, is made of 100% recycled nylon. For sustainability care. The lining is made of 100% recycled polyester with a certification from Global Recycled Standard.

The navy mac coat is designed for the temperamental British weather, where grey skis pour then open again and let the sun shine. For a coat that will keep you well equipped for however the weather is feeling, to keep you dry but not overheated, for those rainy springtimes and warm autumn showers.

Model Lewis is wearing the MONO+n.a.v.y T-Shirt in Optic White as a part of our Summer Special Edition. The T-Shirt also comes in black, sage green and powder pink, with an illustrated graphic design on the back of each T-shirt by our own creative director; Jackie Lee.

No.023 - Printed T-Shirt Optic White

Optic white crew neck t-shirt is made of cotton, illustrated by the creative director at MONO+n.a.v.y, showcasing a print of Matricaria Chamomilla.  

Camper Shoes - Blending a smart design with rich durable materials and a lightweight sole for casual everyday use as well as suiting more formal settings, this shoe is the ultimate multi-purpose shoe.




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