Living Spaces - Reflections of Ourselves

  • by harry nicholls

Living Spaces - Reflections of Ourselves

Autumn nights have creeped in again and the home is a place we are finding refuge from the cold, after a summer of freedom and fun it's time to turn our attention back once more and look at the most important place in our home; our one place of sanctuary; the living room, also the heart and hearth of any family home.

A medallion yellow couch serves as the centrepiece and the highlight of Martha’s living room, its bright colour contrasting with the atmospheric and opaque dark walls giving this room a real sense of the sublime.

Scott, 4 Seater Left Hand Facing Chaise End Corner Sofa, Gold Cotton Finish

Nothing says luxury quite like Scott, from MADE, a 4 seater chaise-end corner sofa, in gold cotton velvet featuring a sleek silhouette with pulled detail cushions, upholstered in plush velvet.

The living room has been made for relaxing and comfort, allowing for Martha to don her loungewear; comfortable and flexible, breathable and warm. Loungewear for Martha consists of a loose white t-shirt and comfortable camel pyjama-esque bottoms, wrapped up effortlessly in a light blue cardigan.

Rectangular Lined Natural Sheepskin Rug

Natural (off-white) Rectangular Lined Sheepskin Rug from RugHouse. The classic natural sheepskin rug created by sewing together different pelts and trimming into this rectangular shape. 

Adding considerably to the comfortable atmosphere is the wood-burning stove that centres the room into the rustic, with fully functional chimney, having the wood stove adds an extra way for Martha and her family to stay warm during the colder months.

Burning wood stove purchased with house by home-owner. 

Martha gives this room even more colour as she lights it up over drinks and conversation, as we sit and sip coffees over carefully placed coasters.

The coffees are from very local art shop; Everyday Sunshine located just a road away, that sells not only art, such as graphic prints and designs influenced by the lovely area of Stoke Newington, but coffees as well. Martha tells me they started doing 'coffees-to-go'  to keep the community spirit alive during the pandemic. 

We talk about what she likes to get up to during the weekend and in her spare time when she's not teaching. Marthas' recreational activities are not far out from what anybody else might get up to, Martha loves to read, currently engrossed with 'The Most of Nora Ephron' which sits as her current favourite coffee table book and also Martha enjoys good television, ranging from lazy prime time TV to being captivated by acclaimed television series'. 

Eide, Coffee Table, Light Oak Stain

From Swoon: The Eide is a light oak coffee table. The Eide's rustic finish and Scandi-inspired look make this coffee table a real charmer and a welcome addition to any room.

Martha sees her home as the place she's raised two sons, built a life and a family for herself, enjoyed countless christmases, birthdays and as the years have gone by her home has been a transmutable space, indispensable in its nature to provide whichever requirements arise over the years.

Loft extensions became a staple of north London neighbourhoods in the last five years since 2015 demand has never been higher. Martha was ahead of the curve, having the extension done and redecorated into a lovely, habitable attic suitable for their children to enjoy.

Diamonds Berber Tufted Cushion

This Sass & Belle Berber-style Diamonds Berber Tufted Cushion from Price & Coco brings together boho tufted texture with Scandinavian geos in the colours of natural cream and black.

"Pillows make for the perfect comfort" - Martha tells me as she shows me the loft, pillows adorn each giant-sized bean-bag, varying patterns across them immediately draw the eye.

Adding more space to these houses in terms or building up, converting once unused lofts and attics to create a wholly new space that can be alternated into almost anything. This use of space is becoming more apparent as home-owners try to maximise the scope of their property. Decorated in a light pale coat of paint to capture the sun, the room stays well lit even in the early evenings of autumn, the colour doing well to make the light linger on. 

Arguably the centrepieces of this loft extension are of course the huge bean-bags used alternatively to settees or simple seating cushions, the bean-bags from Great BeanBags are amazingly comfortable and inviting not only for their large size, but also the comfortable and durable material of corduroy.

Corduroy Sofa Bed Bean Bag 

The Corduroy Sofa Bed Bean Bag from GreatBeanBags, is an excellent choice for those with limited space who need a variety of uses from their furniture. Whether you need somewhere to lie down or a big comfy chair, look no further than the Lounger.

Filled with huge bean bags that act as comfortable alternatives to couches or chairs, with the addition of a gorgeously designed lamp the space has been filled with quite special furniture items. 

Tom Dixon, Melt Table Light Copper 

Melt is a beautifully distorted table light in a modern copper finish, from Tom Dixon. Emitting an attractive, mildly hallucinogenic light, this table light creates a mesmerising melting hot-blown glass effect when on and a mirror-finish effect when off. Made in Germany using a high tech manufacturing technique to achieve the perfect melted orb.

This room has been lovingly created to give their children a space in which they can relax in a serene, gentle atmosphere, feeling quite detached from the rest of the house and also from the localised space, curating an ambiance of tranquility.


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